The New 42nd Street Youth Corps offers high school and college-age youth paid employment and professional training through jobs in the arts. Comprised of four separate creative youth development Corps, the program is designed to annually employ, train, mentor and inspire over 100 young people aged 16+ in one of New York City’s top 25 cultural institutions.

New Victory Usher Corps

The New Victory Usher Corp, created to address the urgent need for youth employment in New York City, is a rigorous three year program that offers paid employment, job training, academic support and mentorship for 50 young New Yorkers each year. In addition to working as front of house staff at The New Victory Theater, Ushers are paid for their time attending life-skills workshops on such topics as Goal Setting, Personal Banking, Conflict Management and Resolution or Public Speaking, among others.

Employment details and application information are available on

New 42nd Street College Corps

The New 42nd Street College Corps is a collaboration between The New 42nd Street and CUNY Arts. Designed to accommodate a changing academic schedule and address the obstacles that often prevent students from graduating, this college success program pairs year-round, part-time employment in the arts with the academic, financial, and personal support undergraduates need to navigate and complete their college education.

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Employment details and application are available from CUNY.

New 42nd Street Apprentice Corps

The New 42nd Street employs college and graduate students per year to take on a wide variety of responsibilities within the daily operations of The New 42nd Street and its projects. In addition to providing hands-on involvement in the business of running a nonprofit performing arts organization, these semester-long opportunities include weekly seminars on such topics as Professionalism, Interview Skills and Resume Writing, among others.

The New 42nd Street Apprentice Corps is on hiatus for the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters.

New 42nd Street Fellows Corps

The New 42nd Street Fellows Corps provides a year of career-launching employment and networking opportunities for former New Victory Ushers who are actively pursuing non-performing theater careers. The Fellowship provides an entry-level position to New Victory Usher Corps alumni who are interested in a career in arts administration or production, and works to connect them to the field of arts professionals.

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The Application process is closed for 2018-2019.

Additional Employment Opportunities

The New 42nd Street and its projects (The New Victory Theater, The Duke on 42nd Street and the New 42nd Street Studios) post information about full-time, part-time and temporary career opportunities on, and other job boards that focus on the arts and non-profit organizations. Please visit those sites to search for current listings.

The New Victory Education Department accepts applications to its ensemble of professional Teaching Artists each spring. Information will be made available here and on select job boards ahead of that deadline.