Comms Request

Need Communications Team support on some art, video or website assets? Please select the appropriate link to help us collect some basic information and the right team member will be in touch about your request.

Note: If this request connects to a larger project that would benefit from a more complete introduction than a few questions about copy and deadlines, please reach out to one of the Comms Team Directors to organize a conversation. Thank you.

Art Request


  • flyer
  • invitation
  • graphic for an email or digital ad
  • sign
  • etc

Video Request

e.g. Video for

  • events and presentations
  • display in the theater
  • embedding on social or websites
  • etc

Web Request

*Non-emergencies. If a site is down, please find Digital Services staff!

  • Update to content
    (text or visual)
  • Addition of content
    (text or visual)
  • Error report*
  • New feature suggestion

Social Media Request

e.g. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram posts incl.:

  • Advertising
  • Announcements
  • Shares
  • etc.

In cases where new art is part of a request about our company websites, please start with the Web Request. Digital Services will supply relevant specs and timeline info to use in an art request.